Environmental Assessment Office

Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) Contacts

2nd Floor 836 Yates St
PO Box 9426 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9V1
E-mail: eaoinfo@gov.bc.ca
Please use the EAO B.C. Government Directory listing to find contact information for specific EAO staff.

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Oil and Gas and North Region (Northeast, Omineca and Northwest)

Nathan Braun – Executive Project Director
250 356-1124

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Coal, Industrial Minerals, Aggregates and Resorts and Kootenay Region
(Industrial Mineral, Construction Stone, Sand and Gravel)

Karen Christie - Executive Project Director
250 387-2200

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Power and Community Infrastructure Projects (includes Water, Waste and Transportation Projects) and the Coast Region

Michael Shepard – Executive Project Director
250 387-0233

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Metal Mining Projects and Thompson Okanagan and Cariboo Regions

Shelley Murphy – Executive Project Director
250 387-2563

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EA Process and Communications

Kate Haines - A/Manager of Policy, Legislation and Project Assessment
250 387-7412

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Policy, Legislation, Compliance, Intergovernmental Relations

Paul Craven – Executive Director, Strategic Services and Compliance
250 387-6748

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First Nations and Engagement

Cory Waters – Executive Director, First Nations Engagement
250 387-0236

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Environmental Assessment Operations

Scott Bailey - Assistant Deputy Minister, Environmental Assessment Operations
Phone: 250 387-9408

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Associate Deputy Minister's Office

Kevin Jardine - Associate Deputy Minister
Phone: 250 356-7475