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If you would like to submit a comment on a project undergoing assessment, please see the specific project page on the EPIC application, where your comment will be received by the project team.

For feedback, questions or comments about the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), Environmental Assessment process, the EAO Project Information & Collaboration (EPIC) application, or the EAO web site:

E-mail: eaoinfo@gov.bc.ca

Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) Contacts

2nd Floor 836 Yates St
PO Box 9426 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9V1

E-mail: eaoinfo@gov.bc.ca

Please use the EAO B.C. Government Directory listing to find contact information for specific EAO staff.

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Oil and Gas – Northeast Region

Nathan Braun – Executive Project Director
778 698-9280

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Coal, Industrial Mineral and Sand & Gravel Mining, and Resorts – Kootenay Region

Karen Christie - Executive Project Director
778 698-9347

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Water, Waste, Industrials and Manufacturing – Skeena and Omineca Regions

Gina Delimari - Executive Project Director
778 698-9372

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Metal Mining Projects and Thompson Okanagan and Cariboo Regions

Shelley Murphy – Executive Project Director
250 387-1447

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Power and Infrastructure – West Coast and South Coast Regions

Michael Shepard – Executive Project Director
778 698-9294

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Policy, Legislation, Compliance, Intergovernmental Relations

Paul Craven - Executive Director, Strategic Services and Compliance
778 698-9333

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EA Process and Communications

Kate Haines - Manger of Policy and Legislation
778 698-9351

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Compliance and Enforcement

Chris Parks - Director, Compliance and Enforcement
778 698-9325

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First Nations and Engagement

Cory Waters – Executive Director, First Nations Engagement
778 698-9295

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Environmental Assessment Operations

Scott Bailey - Assistant Deputy Minister, Environmental Assessment Operations
Phone: 250 387-2307

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Associate Deputy Minister's Office

Kevin Jardine - Associate Deputy Minister
Phone: 250 356-7475