Environmental Assessment Office

Public Participation in the EA Process

Public consultation is an important and mandatory aspect of environmental assessments in British Columbia, based on the principle that those affected by proposed projects should have an opportunity to provide input to the assessment. As part of all environmental assessments, the Environmental Assessment Office provides information for the public and seeks input to inform our work of assessing proposed major projects for potentially significant adverse environmental, social, economic, health and heritage effects.

Public consultation is set out in the BC Environmental Assessment Act and Public Consultation Policy Regulation as a responsibility of both the Environmental Assessment Office and project proponents.

The Environmental Assessment Office is reviewing its public consultation procedures, with the aim of clarifying and improving the experience and outcomes of public consultation in environmental assessments. The Environmental Assessment Office engaged with stakeholders and the public in the initial phase of our review, and invited the public to an online discussion in 2015. We have prepared a report summarizing what we have heard from the public and stakeholders, and the next steps in the public consultation review process.

If you are interested in submitting a comment on a project with an open public comment period, please click here.

Role of Public Consultation in Environmental Assessments (Dec 2015)